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Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture; Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal

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Tour Through Asia's Premier Cycle Road

Calling all riding enthusiasts! Join us in Utsunomiya, Tochigi—home of the Utsunomiya Blitzen professional cycle team—for a riding experience you won’t soon forget.
In this unique tour, riders have the opportunity to receive special instruction from experienced Utsunomiya Blitzen cycle team coaches and riders. The Utsunomiya Blitzen cycle team is committed to providing an exceptional tour experience to riders of any skill level to help hone their riding skills and enhance their performance. This experience offers three tours, each featuring a lesson from an experienced coach and rider, and a cycle course from the Japan Cup Cycle Road Race—Asia's premier cycle road. Choose from three lecture and course combinations that suit your riding style below and share your love of riding with other cyclists in your group.

Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal

Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal

Where to Meet

Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal- main venue for the Japan Cup Cycle Road Race

Riders will meet at the Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal, located northwest of downtown Utsunomiya, Tochigi. This area, centered around Akagawa Dam, is lush with various flowers, trees, and wildlife, and is an ideal location for avid cyclists. Time and parking information will be given at time of booking.

Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal
Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal
Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal

What to Expect

■Improve your cycling skills while riding through Japan's rich greenery.

All riders will meet at Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal. From there, you will receive a cycling lesson given by a professional coach and cyclist who are members of Japan's elite cycling team, the Utsunomiya Blitzen. The level and points of the lecture are tailored to each individual, so anyone from beginner to advanced rider can improve their skills. After your cycle lesson, you and your tour group will ride on one of three courses from the Japan Cup Cycle Road Race. In addition, the latest bicycle models will be loaned to each rider from the team's manufacturer to provide the best riding experience possible.

* If preferred, you may bring your own bicycle.

Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal

[Cycling Tour ①]
The Japan Cup Road Racecourse + Lesson

The annual Japan Cup Cycle Road Race is one of the biggest races in Asia, and it’s the only competition in Japan where you can see intense cyclists competing against each other from all over the world.

This tour follows the Japan Cup Cycle Road Racecourse that runs along the Akagawa Dam and up Mount Kogashi (estimated 10km/40 minutes riding time). Put the new skills you learn from your lessons to the test on this thrilling course through Japan's lush mountain scenery.

Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal

■Relax after your ride in Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal's bathhouse.

After your tour, treat your muscles to the bathhouse located inside Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal. Relax and take good care of yourself in the rich nature of the forest park.

Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal

[Cycling Tour②]
The Oya Japan Cup Course + Lesson

This tour offers a longer course that starts and ends at Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal, and circles around JR Utsunomiya Station in downtown Utsunomiya (estimated 30km/120 minutes riding time). With this tour, you have the option of riding either one-way to JR Utsunomiya Station as your final stop, or round-trip to Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal as your final stop.

Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal

■One-way course
Freshen up after your tour at the Miya Cycle Station.

The Miya Cycle Station, located in front of the JR Utsunomiya Station, offers a shower and changing room where you can relax and freshen up from your ride.

* Shower and changing room usage fees will be charged at the site. (Price: ¥100 [roughly$1.00])

Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal

■Round-trip course
Relax after your ride in Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal's bathhouse.

After your tour, treat your muscles to the bathhouse located inside Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal. Relax and take good care of yourself in the rich nature of the forest park.

Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal

[Cycling Tour ③]
Scenic Tour to Romantic Village (via Oya) + Lesson

This scenic tour takes you from Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal to the Romantic Village Road Station (estimated 10km/40 minutes riding time).

Enjoy this scenic ride through the Oya Valley, around Oya stone rock formations (found only in Tochigi Prefecture), and the peaceful, natural environment where the Sugata and Mameda Rivers flow.

Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal

■Relax at Michi-no-Eki Romantic Village

After arriving at Michi-no-Eki Romantic Village, enjoy Utsunomiya-style aftercare, such as a spa facility with a natural hot spring, and a beer brewery where you can enjoy Utsunomiya's local craft beer.

Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal

Additional Option

■Stay at Fairfield by Marriott in Utsunomiya, Tochigi

The Fairfield by Marriott in Utsunomiya, Tochigi, is a new hotel that opened in 2020 near the Romantic Village. Bicycles can be stored inside the hotel so guests to take sufficient security measures. After cycling, why not enjoy Tochigi's leading roadside station while relaxing after your tour.
*Not included in initial tour price.

Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal

Tour Duration

Tour duration time will vary depending on the class’s content and whether there is lunch on the way. In general, the tour duration time is assumed to be approximately 2 to 4 hours after the start of the lesson.

* Transportation to and from Utsunomiya City Cycling Terminal is not included in the tour.

* If requested in advance, we will arrange a shuttle for transportation (transportation charge not included in tour price).

Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal

Best Season

Year-round (Recommended season: From Spring to Autumn)
* Please note that the sports season for cycling is between March and November so it may be difficult to assign professional riders and coaches during these months.

Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal

About the Utsunomiya Blitzen

Utsunomiya, located in the northern Kanto region of Japan, is home to the Utsunomiya Blitzen professional road race team. The Utsunomiya Blitzen is Japan's first community-based pro-cycle road race team that participates in races based in Utsunomiya City, conducts sports education and safety awareness activities through bicycles, and conducts community revitalization activities. Their goal is to recognize and establish cycle road racing as a professional sport in Japan. The Utsunomiya Blitzen have earned the top-level cycling rank in Japan, and their individual team members are some of the strongest in Japan.

[Team Results]
JCL Road Race Tour 2021: 1st place (Team of the Year)

[Main Riders]
Rei Onodera

Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal
Utsunomiya Cycling Terminal

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Utsunomiya Cycling TerminalUtsunomiya Cycling Terminal

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