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Ward Off Bad Luck in Utsunomiya

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Do as the Japanese warlords of old would do and ward off bad luck!

Futaarayama Shrine, located in the heart of Utsunomiya, Tochigi, is a highly venerable shrine that was once known as “Utsunomiya Daimyojin.” Here, the main shrine is home to the local ancestral guardian deity, Soujigami, whose divine virtue invites good fortune and unlimited blessings to people's lives. It is said that a famous warlord once visited Futaarayama Shrine to pray for victory in battle.

In this tour, guests will gather in the sanctuary and experience prayer from a Shinto priest to ward off bad luck and evil that may surround them. The prayer, which is usually held during the day, will be offered specially at dusk.

Futaarayama Shrine

Futaarayama Shrine
Futaarayama Shrine

Futaarayama Shrine, once known as Utsunomiya Daimyojin, is rich in history. It is believed that this shrine was built around 1,600 years ago and has been revered by locals ever since. It is considered the top shrine in Shimotsuke Province (modern-day Tochigi Prefecture), and Utsunomiya has prospered under its protection for generations.

Utsunomiya was once ruled by Lord Utsunomiya during the Middle Ages. Based in Utsunomiya Castle, Lord Utsunomiya also served as the chief priest at Futaarayama Shrine, performing rituals while governing the area.

In the old days, famous warlords such as Fujiwara Hidesato, Minamoto no Yorie, and Minamoto no Yoritomo visited Futaarayama Shrine to pray for victory in battle. It is also said that during the Sengoku Period, Tokugawa Ieyasu, who was on his way to defeat Uesugi and learned that Ishida Mitsunari was about to raise an army, also paid a visit to the shrine to pray for victory in battle.

Futaarayama Shrine

Tour Schedule

■4:30 p.m. - Special tour of the grounds at Futaarayama Shrine by a Shinto priest

Tour guests will meet their guide, a Shinto priest, at the torii gate in front of Futaarayama Shrine for the start of the tour.
Illuminated by glowing lanterns at dusk, this "eternal space" appears to float above Utsunomiya at night. Feel the shrine come to life during your tour while listening to the priest's deep knowledge that guests cannot obtain from books or other guides.

*The start time and tour contents be modified before booking.

Futaarayama Shrine
Futaarayama Shrine

■5:00 p.m. - Prayer to ward off evil by a Shinto priest in the worship hall at dusk.

The worship hall looks up to the main shrine, the sanctuary of Futaarayama Shrine.

The main shrine is home to the ancestral god, Soujigami, who brings good luck and endless blessings and benefits to life, and whose presence creates a solemn atmosphere surrounding the area.

In this tour, you can experience prayer to ward off evil by a priest in such a majestic sanctuary. The prayer, which is usually held during the day, will be offered specially at dusk.

Despite being in the center of bustling Utsunomiya, the voice of the Shinto prayer echoing over the quiet grounds will deliver your prayers to heaven.

Futaarayama Shrine
Futaarayama Shrine

■5:30 p.m. - Exit the grounds of Futaarayama Shrine

When the prayer is finished, guests will depart from Futaarayama Shrine feeling lighter in spirit and blessed with good fortune to continue on to their next adventure.

Futaarayama Shrine

Additional Experiences

■Option 1: Experience a Traditional Japanese Dinner

After being enveloped in the solemn atmosphere of Futaarayama Shrine, enjoy a kaiseki dinner (a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner) at a long-established ryotei restaurant (high-class restaurant serving Japanese cuisine) that represents Utsunomiya and is backed by tradition and prestige.

*Kaiseki Asuka and Japanese cuisine Nakamura restaurants will be considered.

Futaarayama Shrine
Futaarayama Shrine

■Option 2: Travel Back in Time Dressed as a Samurai

Utsunomiya has been a castle city since the Middle Ages, and the history of Utsunomiya has been passed down to the present day by the citizens of Utsunomiya. The Jidai Gyoretsu (Procession of the Ages), which references the entry into the castle by the lord of Utsunomiya Castle, is one of the best ways to travel back in time to the Edo period. In this optional program, experience more deeply the history of Utsunomiya by wearing the samurai costume worn in the Jidai Gyoretsu and visit the ruins of Utsunomiya Castle and nearby cultural assets before, during, and after the tour at Futaarayama Shrine.

*Only men's costumes are available (women can also wear them). Specialized staff will assist you in dressing.

Futaarayama Shrine
Futaarayama Shrine

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Futaarayama ShrineFutaarayama Shrine

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