Escape the City and Relax at a Forest Campsite

Enjoy Amazing Food in a Beautiful Forest Setting Just Outside Utsunomiya

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Kyoyachaho - a Hidden Gem

Located in the outskirts of Utsunomiya and hidden just behind a few rows of trees is
Kyoyachaho, a beautiful restaurant offering amazing food, including vegan and vegetarian dishes through various experiences. Visitors can choose to either be catered to inside the stylish restaurant, sit on the terrace, or head over to the campsite to relax for the day.



■Mouthwatering Vegetarian & Vegan Food

Serving a great variety of food, with some amazing vegetarian & vegan options, Kyoyachaho is a haven for foodies & a great place to come for people who would like to experience meatless cuisine at its best. Serving a variety of dishes, the Matcha Green Curry along with the Teriyaki "Soy Meat" Hamburger are highlights on the menu & the guilt-free healthy desserts round up the meal perfectly. An amazing dining experience, especially if chosen to be eaten outside at the forest campsite, which is worth the slightly higher price.


■Relax at the forest Campsite for the day

What is better than enjoying the outdoors? At Kyoyachaho visitors can rent a tent including a seating area and an outdoor fireplace in the forest campsite. Reservations can be made in advance and the friendly staff will fill a cart full of delicious goodies. This can be picked up at the restaurant and there the experience begins. Relax in the beautiful forest, enjoy the fantastic food and grill some marshmallows over the fire making this the perfect camping experience.


■Enjoy a Traditional Japanese Green Tea on the Terrace

Appreciate a bowl of matcha accompanied by a seasonal wagashi on the beautiful forest terrace. Decked out with sofas, hammocks, and tables and chairs, the “shabby chic” flair creates a beautiful setting. A forest oasis and with fairy lights dimly lighting the terrace, a wonderful place to enjoy.

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