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Explore Utsunomiya’s History on Foot

Easy to navigate, Utsunomiya is a friendly, walkable city. With shrines, castle ruins, museums, and other historical sites all within a 20-minute walking radius of the JR station, visitors can easily explore the ancient wonders of Utsunomiya on foot.

Futaarayama Shrine: A Gateway to the Past

Futaarayama Shrine: A Gateway to the Past
Futaarayama Shrine: A Gateway to the Past
Futaarayama Shrine: A Gateway to the Past

Founded around 1600, Futaarayama Shrine has played an important role in Utsunomiya’s history. Learn more about the shrine’s history by visiting the museum where photos, swords, and armor are on display. The shrine is about a 15 minutes’ walk from the JR Station.

Futaarayama Shrine: A Gateway to the Past

Exquisite in all Seasons

Enjoy the beauty of the Futaarayama Shrine year-round. Visitors in the springtime have the opportunity to view the blooming sakura trees surrounding the shrine. In early summer, various hues of hydrangeas blossom on the grounds. Autumn sees the trees around the shrine slowly morph from vibrant green to brilliant red and gold hues.

Old Shinohara Family House

Old Shinohara Family House
Old Shinohara Family House

Built in 1895, the Old Shinohara Family House is designated as a nationally important cultural property. The house belonged to a merchant family, Shinohara, who made their fortune brewing soy sauce. A quick 5-minute walk from the JR Station, the Old Shinohara Family House gives you a beautiful look into Japan’s recent past.

Old Shinohara Family House

Participate in History

Don merchant’s clothing and sit at the desk where family members would carefully record accounting details for the business. Open the storage cabinets behind the desk, but don’t be alarmed by the squeak it makes! This old-fashioned “alarm system” was designed to alert the family of any unauthorized activity.

Old Shinohara Family House

Explore Family Secrets

Typical of old Japanese homes, there are a lot of narrow passageways, steep staircases, and small spaces to explore. Make note of the fine finishes and attention to detail in the home’s construction and furnishing as you discover the nooks and crannies of the Old Shinohara Family House.

Old Shinohara Family House

Enjoy a Performance or Ceremony

Throughout the year, the Old Shinohara Family House hosts art exhibitions, music and theatrical performances, and tea ceremonies. Contact the Old Shinohara Family House in advance to find out about scheduled activities.

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Futaarayama Shrine: A Gateway to the PastFutaarayama Shrine

Old Shinohara Family HouseOld Shinohara Family House

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