Harvest Your Own, Fresh Assortment of the Season’s Local Fruit

Kogashi Fruit Park Welcomes You to Their Orchards

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    City Center

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Pick, Pay, & Enjoy, or Simply Stop & Shop!

Just outside the center of Utsunomiya city is Kogashi Fruit Park which takes great pride and cares with their orchard operations and each season’s new growth. The fruits here are available to pick or buy at the store. They are of impeccable quality and can be purchased at a reasonable price.

Kogashi Fruit Park

Kogashi Fruit Park
Kogashi Fruit Park
Kogashi Fruit Park

■Gather a Basket-full of Joy!

At Kogashi Fruit Park, visitors can find the season’s latest, and incredibly delicious, local orchard-grown fruits. The owner and his staff prepare those looking to harvest their own fresh pick from the orchards with all the tools necessary for success.

Kogashi Fruit Park
Kogashi Fruit Park
Kogashi Fruit Park

Once you gather your desired grapes, apples, or Nashi (Japanese pears), the staff will help you with the weighing and payment process. You can even choose to enjoy the fruits of your labor right there, with a station for washing your fruit, knives, and tables to relax at.

Kogashi Fruit Park
Kogashi Fruit Park

■The Freshest Fruit, Ready & Waiting for You!

In a bit of a rush? Don’t worry, Kogashi Fruit Park has a charming and convenient fruit stand right off a local road often used for those en route to and from Nikko. There, you’ll find affordable prices that can’t be beat, and a great selection of high quality fruits available for sale.

Kogashi Fruit Park

Call ahead to be sure of available fruit-picking hours and days. The end of August through the end of September is harvest season for Nashi (Japanese pears). Grapes are available for harvest during the month of September only. The middle of September to the end of October is when apples are harvested.

Kogashi Fruit Park

Message from Kogashi Fruit Park

Our farm has a temperature difference year round which helps fruit growth, quality and taste.
We use minimum chemicals so our fruits are safe to eat fresh.

Contact Us

Kogashi Fruit ParkTo Book Fruit picking please call the following number.
TEL:+8128-652-0665 (9AM-4:30PM)
Fruit picking season: Autumn (Between August and October)

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