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Oya Areas Abandoned Mines

OHYA UNDERGROUND is a passion-project of four local business owners, designed to allow visitors to experience wild, abandoned sections of the defunct stone mining operation in the Oya Area. Allow their experienced guides to lead you on a hike through former stone quarry sites, culminating in an underground boat tour. (The tours are held irregularly and require booking in advance)

Be Prepared

Be Prepared
Be Prepared
Be Prepared

Before the tour, guests are instructed to change into knee-high rubber boots and pick a safety helmet. Throughout the one-hour hike, you will trek through dense woods and hilly terrain. Be prepared, a little rain won’t stop these adventurous tours!

Be Prepared

A Storied Past

OHYA UNDERGOUND tour guides will lead you on a hike to an above-ground mining site where you’ll find walls marked by hand digging tools alongside graffiti from over the years. Follow your guide deep into the mine, where darkness and silence surround you.

Be Prepared

Step into Darkness

The hike ends at a locked gate stretching across the mouth of an entrance to another abandoned mine. Follow the narrow beam of your guide’s flashlight, as you are led down a slope to a bright yellow raft. Once everyone is inside the boat, your guide paddles into the dark.

Be Prepared

A Surprising Crescendo

On the final stop of the underground boat tour, guests are led into a dark cave through a narrow opening in the wall. Take your time to explore the area; this one-of-a-kind tour is a can’t miss experience!

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