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Encounter Traditional Japanese Pottery Making in a Private Lesson

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Japanese Pottery: So Much More Than Just Cups and Plates

30min bus ride from the center of Utsunomiya is Toyusha (Bus stop: Shiroyamachiku Shimin Center), a small pottery studio bursting with creativity and color, in their own words “creating pottery that coexists with nature”. The pottery lessons are held by father and son, Yuzo and Naoyuki Taniguchi who are both well-known artists. They are excited to share their knowledge and skill in making pottery with anyone willing to learn.

The Pottery Experience

The Pottery Experience
The Pottery Experience

Looking at the garden in front of the pottery studio, it becomes already clear, that this is not a tourist pottery experience, but the home of an artist that loves what he is doing. One part of the studio is a gallery full of beautiful works of art, the other part is where these pieces are being made, rustic and any pottery lover's dream.

The Pottery Experience
The Pottery Experience
The Pottery Experience

■Discover the Art of Pottery

Yuzo Taniguchi has over 30 years of experience and won many awards. He shares his passion for the craft with anyone interested in learning in a 2.5 hours pottery lesson. Participants can choose to try the pottery wheel or use hand-building method to build an item of their choice. These are intimate lessons, fun one-on-one experiences that will make anyone fall in love with making pottery.

The Pottery Experience
The Pottery Experience
The Pottery Experience

■Feel the Clay

Mr. Taniguchi will first explain the material to the participants and then dive right in. Working with each participant side by side, helping when needed, piece by piece beautiful vessels emerge. The participants will learn different techniques such as hand building and wheel throwing and also learn the significance of using specific materials and techniques. A really well-rounded experience for anyone, no previous experience is needed and that can be joined by people of any age. For anyone joining the class, please be aware that clothes might get a little dirty and long nails may make it difficult to work with the clay.

The Pottery Experience
The Pottery Experience

■The Final Work

Once the participants are happy with their work it is time to decide on a glaze. Many colors are available and once a color is decided, the work will be labeled accordingly. After the participants leaves, the process of firing and glazing is done by the instructor, along with some minor adjustments to bring out the best of each piece.

The final works will be wonderfully finished in around a month and can be picked up at the studio. Beautiful pieces of pottery, unique and a great memory keep.

The Pottery Experience

Message from Mr. Taniguchi

We believe that the sense of grasping soil with both hands is the first step to understanding and enriching the symbiosis between people & the rest of the world. Our pottery class & studio is located just off the main street, surrounded by greenery.
Please feel free to stop by.

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The Pottery ExperienceTo Book a pottery making experience
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